Eleven Year Plots
for Select Gauges
in Contra Costa County

Flood Control Office
11 FCD 2017-18
11 FCD 2018-19
11 FCD 2019-20
11 FCD 2020-21
11 FCD 2021-22
11 FCD 2022-23
11 FCD 2023-24
Richmond City Hall
21 RIC 2017-18
21 RIC 2018-19
21 RIC 2019-20
21 RIC 2020-21
21 RIC 2021-22
21 RIC 2022-23
21 RIC 2023-24

Forecast Table (experimental)


This provides one page with links to this and past years' 11 Year Plots. These plots provide a glimpse at how the rain this year compares to past years. We started with the current rain year and the 10 previous rain years making it the "11 Year Plot". Since then we have added the driest year, wettest year, wettest year to this date.

The latest add to this plot is the forecast which shows up in green in the plot. The forecast will go out as far as 10 days and is dependent on data we receive on an hourly and 6-hour basis. If the forecast we received is less than that, the plot will show and label how far out the forecast goes. The data source linked at the bottom of the 11 Year Plot.

The format and organization of data and tables on the plots have changed over the years.

Note that the vertical scale could be different from plot to plot.